[EN] Challenges and opportunities – Network of nonformal education centers for life in rural areas from Dambovita

Targoviste towards Europe Association, in partnership with ”Ion Heliade Radulescu” Dambovita County Library, Youth for Tomorrow’s Europe Association and The County School Directory Dambovita are organizing on the 27th of May a press conference in order to announce the start of a new project -  Network of nonformal education centers for life in rural areas from Dambovita. The event will take place at the ”Ion Heliade Radulescu” County Library, in the conference room, starting with 13.00 h.
The project is finnanced by SEE 2009 – 2014 grants, through the NGO Fund in Romania program.
Value of financing - 75.000 euros.

The project’s main objective is to create a network of nonformal education centers made out of 10 NGO’s and 70 public libraries from Dambovita County and to provide educational services regarding the development of abilities and skills necessary in everyday life for children and young people exposed to various risks from rural areas in 18 months.
Target group: 10 NGO’s, 70 libraries and 1400 children of 10 to 15 years, whose personal and professional development is thereatened. Nonformal education will help them develop abilities for life.

Direct beneficiaries:
- 10 specialists/young volunteers from 10 NGO’s from Dambovita County;
- 70 librarians from 70 public libraries from rural communities in Dambovita County;
- 1400 children from rural areas in Dambovita with ages 10 to 15 years old that come from vulnerable groups;
- 400 children’s legal representatives and/or parents.

Expected results:

  1. 100  ”Nonformal education and respect for human rights” manuals;
  2. 1400 ”Education for human rights” activities notebooks created and disseminated;
  3. 1400 ”The development of life abilities” activities notebook created and diseminated;
  4. 5 training sessions for becoming certified trainers and 5 training sessions for learning nonformal education methods and techniques will be organized for NGO representatives and librarians;
  5. 1400  participants (children) at counseling session regarding the development of life abilities and their participation rate in the activities that will be organized;
  6. 50 communication training sessions will be organized for children and their legal representatives/ parents – after participating at these trainings, they will change their attitude and become more self-confident, connected to their families, will learn to trust their families, themselves and become a team with ale the others members from the family (about 16 participants/training sessions);
  7. 400 children from the 8th grade will be evaluated and counseled regarding their professional and vocational future.

For more information please contact:
- Ana DOJANĂ, project manager – Târgovişte towards Europe Association, phone: 0245/640383, e-mail: ate.office@yahoo.com

- Agnes ERICH - „Ion Heliade Rădulescu” Dambovita County Library manager, phone: 0245612316, e-mail: office@bjdb.ro.