[EN] County Library Ion Heliade Radulescu

The purpose of the county library is to assure equal access to information and to documents needed for information, permanent education, time flying activity and personality development of many people without  giving any importance to social or economic statuses, age, gender, political , religion or ectnic choices.

County library activities: establishes, organises, crafting, develops, conserves and provides users with encyclopedic collections of documents,  assures loaning services of documents at home (including national and international interlibrary loaning) and consulation activities in the lecturing room, communitary information, documentation, lecturing and permanent education through sections, branches informational and loaning centers; it takes constitutes and develops data bases, organises catalogs and other comunacation instruments of collections, in traditional or automatized system, leads users to usage of this informational sources, offers at , at request, bibliographic and documentation informative activities/services and traditional or informative systems. Elaborates , edits or conserves in the data base the local current bibliography , realized at county level: initiates , organizez or collaborates with diversifying programs and actions, modernization and automatization of library's services , documentary and cultural tradition collections value increase , cultural animation and permanent education that is based on "Socio-cultural Events Calendar" revealed at the beginning of every year; initiates and helps proper cultural programs take place in aid to cultural life from county Dambovita in general , in aid to public library activities from county , exclusive; enables partnerships with prescholar and scholar study institutes , institures with superior scholar purpose , with cultural institutes from the county and country , with ONGs and other institutions; studies and research , with purpose of increasing the value of collections , are held in domain of library economy , informative science and sociological lectures , organizes scientific profile reunions , edits and publishes cultural products necessary to the community members ; organizes Legal Depozit for county Dambovita in the conditions of the Law 111/1995 , republished with the latest modifications ; it coordonates methodological for the public libraries in county Dambovita.