[EN] ISJ Dambovita is substantiating and sets the anual project of Network and school plan for the university education.docx

ISJ Dambovita is substantiating and sets the anual project of Network and school plan for the university education. It realises all types of school inspections in all the university units, public or private; it follows and ensure the  law enforcement, studying plans, analizing programs, analitic programs and other normative acts released by superior public authority, organising, leading and ongoing of the instructive-educational process; it organises and guides the didactic and non-didactic staff, executive and leading staff, pedagogical reasearch, and othe informing and perfecting actions developed inside the university; it coordinates and controls the activity of the methodical collectives inside pedagogical units and circles and colaborates towards perfectioning the didactic staff with higher educactional institutions; it`s studying the activity of didactic and non-didactic executive  staff, generalizes their positive experience, stimulating them to come  and ask for help to the university staff; it periodically evaluates, the county state education, due to written materials which they present to the leadership of the state education or, due to educational disciplines, to the didactic staff. ISJ Dambovita aims to ensure the quality of the instructiv-educational process according to the new requests of integrating the romanian pre-university education to the European space. According to this, the priorities inside its program targets are: ensuring the school frequency and participation of the students to a quality education, improving the curriculum offer of the educational units, developing the didactic staff competention skills  by practicing a student based studying , in order to create the key-competent, monitors the teach - learn - evaluation process focused on skills, in order to optimize the teaching process, developing the institutional capacity of county educational units, in order to practice an efficient management, developing the drawing/writing project skills, improving, the projects implementation to educational units, monitoring the application of Educational Law nr.1/2011 and the MEN methodologies.